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With our college-educated and professional remote staffing!


We offer a wide variety of services to ensure your practice is running smooth and efficient.
Medical Billing & Bookkeeping

Our trained agents can help you with medical billing, bookkeeping, and all your clerical and data entry needs.

Scheduling & Reminding

Increase your turnover by making sure your appointments are filled, and clients and patients are arriving on time.

Personal Assistant

Our agents make perfect personal and administrative support assistants and a fraction of the cost of hiring locally.

Community Management

Our assistants can monitor all your communities and ensure questions, reviews, and concerns are always responded in a timely and professional manner.


Why Choose Us?

Our staffing solutions have helped medical offices and practices reduce their workload, cut overhead costs, and increase patient turnover.
  • No Startup Costs
  • Reduce Staffing Costs Up To 50%
  • Risk-Free 2 Week Trial
  • No Yearly Contracts
  • Total Technological Integration
  • Highly Skilled Staff
  • Free Practice Evaluation Report
  • Created For Doctors By Doctors

Reviews from our Clients

Dr. Mark Vaynkhadler, OBGYN

“After twelve years of trial and error in my private OB/GYN practice – with decreasing reimbursements and increasing labor costs – I was on the verge of a very tough decision – adapt and modernize, or go home and get a salaried job. Thankfully I chose the former and teamed up with Global Professional Staffing to update my phone, network, and computer systems. That was a good start, but then I hired 2 agents to answer the phone calls, schedule appointments, and take messages. That took a large work-load off my full-time receptionists, and they were able to perform higher level tasks.”

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